Quick Guidance on how to use GEMEGA Air Purifier Model C208

technical data of GEMEGA air purifier

Hi dear customers, thank you very much for shopping with us! GEMEGA Model C208 is a new generation of car air purifier, smart and effective. For a quick guidance, please read below:

  • Power Input: 12V DC or USB 5V (≥1A)
  • Remove the polybag from the filter before use.
  • Auto power on in 5 seconds
  • Auto power off 2 hours without manual control (to protect car battery)

Armrest installation:

installation of GEMEGA air purifier
  1. It is in the center of a car, convenient for manual control.
  2. The two air outlets face the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat respectively – seats used most frequently in a car.
  3. Fixed with a strap, the purifier wouldn’t tumble off even in case of intense driving.

Power Connection

You can connect GEMEGA air purifier to the cigarette lighter socket in your car conveniently. Before connecting, please make sure the voltage is 12V DC.

The voltage of big vehicles is usually 24V or even higher. In this case, please use USB connection instead. High voltage may destroy the motor of the purifier.

If you are connecting it to a Quick-Charge power bank (9V, 12V), please configure the power bank into the compatible mode for low-voltage charging (5V).

Quick demo on how to control the air purifier

Demonstrated with a Basic Model:

Control Buttons

Left Button:

speed control & on/off: short touch

off: long touch (a shortcut to power-off without going through the cycle of speed gears)

Right Button:

Ozone On: touching for 3 seconds

Ozone Off: short touch as usual

Filter timer reset: touching for 5 seconds

To activate ozone, you need to touch the right button for 3 seconds. It will give you a signal of a beep and purple light.

It is designed in this way to avoid misoperation. Otherwise, people might touch the button and activate ozone accidentally in the car – especially when there is a kid playing with it.

Do I need to turn on the aircon while using ozone in my car?

There is no need to turn on the aircon to ventilate. Ozone works best in an enclosed chamber without exchange of air to the outside.

Do I need to keep the engine on while using ozone in my car?

You can turn on the car electricity without the engine on. Turn the car key clockwise, or, press the ENGINE START button, but do not step on the brake pedal.

In this way, there is power supply in your car, but the engine is off. It saves gasoline.

Quick demo on how to use it indoors to disinfect small items

You can disinfect various small items in this way.


  1. Please stay outside while ozone is on.
  2. In order to protect the ABS housing, please DO NOT use unapproved aroma.
  3. 5V-to-12V USB cable: Please use a USB power source (phone charger or powerbank) with more than 1A output.
  4. If you operate a purifier while driving, you may be distracted. So, please always give priority to driving.
  5. Because the Smart Model has a smell sensor, aroma, which may influence the sensor, is not recommended.

Should you encounter any problem, feel free to contact us.

With best regards from GEMEGA Cleantech – Air Quality Expert Since 2003

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