FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Car Air Purifier C208

During daily work, our customer service team has collected the questions many customers have asked. And here they are!

You ask, I answer!

What are the differences between Smart Model (Deep Black) and Basic Model (Black)?

Video Explanation of the Model Differences
differences between Smart Model (Deep Black) and Basic Model (Black)

Actually they are exactly the same in shape and color. We have to use colors to name different models on Lazada.

The smart model has 2 air quality sensors. That’s the main difference. The filtration system is the same. They both have motor, filter, negative ion generator, and ozone generator.

In fact, being named “basic” does not mean the Basic Model is weaker in purifying or disinfecting. Instead, it offers a more cost-efficient solution to in-car air quality.

What’s the lifespan of a filter?

replacement filters for GEMEGA car air purifier C208

There is a filter inside the machine, ready for use. A filter can usually last for 3-5 months.

It depends on how many hours the machine works, not a calendar month. The machine has a filter replacement indicator. It will give a sound signal of 3 long beeps when time is up.

Besides working hours, the lifespan of a filter is greatly influenced by the air quality of its working environment. So, please check the filter regularly to ensure timely replacement.

We have filters for replacement. The price is for a pair of filters. The replacement cost is not high. So please don’t worry 🙂

How to replace a filter?

Filter protects us from pollution. So, it’s very important. Here we will show you how to replace a filter.

Is there a battery inside?

Battery Explosion

Technically speaking, it is not difficult to add a built-in rechargeable battery. However, appliances for car have to be different from those made for home use.

A bottle placed on the console may cause fire in the car in summer
A bottle placed on the console may cause fire in the car in summer

If you park your car under strong sunlight, the inside temperature may go as high as 80 degrees Celsius. Even a plastic bottle placed on the console may cause fire, not to mention batteries.

Under high temperature, lithium batteries become very unstable, and may even explode. And, with a battery inside, this purifier would not be allowed to get on a plane. It will cause big trouble for international delivery.

Therefore, GEMEGA Air Purifier C208 does not have a built-in rechargeable battery.

two cables provided

We offer two cables: car cigaret lighter socket cable, and USB cable. With the USB cable, you can connect it to a powerbank or mobile phone charger very conveniently.

How can I use it to help me stay safe in the car?

Stay safe in your car

During this special time, it’s advisable to avoid crowded public transportation. With powerful purification and sterilization, we help you stay safe inside your private vehicle.

Use the ozone to disinfect your car:

(1) in the evening when back from work
(2) when a passenger gets off (especially useful for taxi & Grab drivers)
(3) when driving back from downtown

Can I use an air purifier with UV to disinfect?

Functions of UV

Technically speaking, to use UV to kill bacteria and virus, you’ve got to expose them to UV for 30-60 minutes. However, air passes through an air purifier in less than 1 second. Obviously, UV won’t be able to do anything in such a short time.

Instead, ozone is a much better option.

Can I stay beside it when in use?

GEMEGA C208 is a 2-in-1 machine: purifier + ozonizer.

GEMEGA C208 is a 2-in-1 air purifier
Purifier + Ozonizer

When using it as a purifier, you can stay right beside it. It purifies with its filter and releases negative ions into air. There is no ozone emission.

You need to stay out of the car or the room only when ozone is on. It releases ozone for 10 minutes, and stops automatically.

To turn on ozone, you need to touch the right button for 3 seconds. It will give you a signal of a beep and purple light.

It is designed in this way to avoid misoperation. Otherwise, people might touch the button and switch on the ozone accidentally in the car (especially when there is a kid playing with it).

When can I enter my car after using ozone?

Generally speaking, after half an hour, most ozone will be gone.

If you need to get in your car right after using ozone, open the doors and ventilate the car for several minutes first.

The above rules apply to indoor use of ozone as well.

What’s the purpose of automatic power-off after 2 hours?

Because GEMEGA C208 is designed mainly for car use, it is configured for 2-hour auto shutdown. The purpose is to protect the car battery. Some cars (although very few of them) keep electricity constantly on, even after you leave your car. It would drain your car battery if the purifier keeps working after you leave.

The shutdown timer begins counting when the purifier turns on, and is reset each time when you control it manually. It means if you don’t operate this purifier, it stops automatically after 2 hours. If you operate it (changing the speed, for example), the timer is reset and counts from zero again.

On another hand, after purifying in the car for 2 consecutive hours, the in-car air quality will be OK in most cases. If you need it to continue to work, you can turn it on again manually.

Why shouldn’t I use unapproved aroma inside it?

This purifier is made of high-standard ABS material, able to bear strong sunlight, but sensitive to chemicals.

So, please use aroma tested compatible with ABS.

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