Introduction to ozone and its applications

How is ozone generated? What’s the use of the ozone layer? How do we use ozone in industry, medical care and our daily life? In this video, we give explanation in simple and plain words.

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Speaking of ozone, people may think of the ozone layer. In fact, this material exists around us almost everywhere. How much do you know about ozone?

How is ozone generated?

The name “ozone” comes from the Greek word οζειν (ozein),which means “to smell”. Actually, ozone is quite easy to be generated in our Mother Nature. In a lightning, there may be high voltage electricity as high as several hundred thousand volts. When electric shock is imposed on an oxygen molecule, it may breaks down into two oxygen atoms. When an atom of oxygen runs into a molecule of oxygen, an ozone molecule comes into being.

What’s the use of the ozone layer in the atmosphere?

About 90% of ozone in the atmosphere exists in the stratosphere, which is 15-50 km high from the ground. The area which has the highest concentration of ozone, is known as the ozone layer. The ozone layer stops most of the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight. It serves as a natural shelter, protecting life on the earth from harm.

What’s special about ozone?

Ozone is highly active in its chemical nature. It decomposes enzymes inside a bacterium cell in a short span of time. It destroys DNA and RNA of viruses. It destroys metabolism. Hence it kills bacteria and viruses. Meanwhile, it is able to break down harmful organic compounds, remove odor, and so on.

Wide Use of Ozone

Ozone disinfection has been widely used in factories and hospitals. It is also used in the water purification system for swimming pools and running water. The advantage of ozone treatment is that there is no chlorine smell in water.

How to use ozone to disinfect and deodorize in our daily life?

In recent years, ozone function has been adopted in many household appliances, ranging from a small fridge deodorizer, to something as big as a washing machine.

In the field of air purification, some air purifiers make a breakthrough in ozone application, to disinfect and deodorize air. People used to spray chemical disinfectant into air. However, there are many kinds of chemical residues after spraying disinfectant.

An air purifier with ozone function is convenient, and leaves no residues. It works excellently for an enclosed space, such as car, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, toilet room, small bedroom, etc. You just need to wait outside while ozone is on.

Moreover, you can place small daily items inside a box, and use ozone to disinfect them, to stay sanitary and live a carefree life!

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