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  • GEMEGA Air Purifer C208 (Smart Model) – Smart & Effective
  • Equipped with air quality sensors, it’s able to adjust motor speed intelligently.
  • Equipped with a powerful motor and a big filter, it’s quick and effective in purifying.
Smoke Test – Complete Version of GEMEGA Air Purifer C208 (Smart Model)

Air Purifier GEMEGA C208
Smart & Effective!


A new generation of car air purifier, smart and effective, offers a one-stop solution for air pollution inside your car.

  • Double ball-bearing motor size 100*25mm, powerful and reliable, enables precise 4-speed control.
  • H12 HEPA and active carbon filter, removes particles and TVOC.
  • Ozone, effective in killing bacteria, and removing bad smell, pet odor, etc.
  • Negative ions freshens air in your car.
  • Aroma makes driving more enjoyable (for Basic Model).
  • 2 smart sensors (odor and particle) adjust motor speed intelligently (for Smart Model).
  • Automatic preset mode – lowers speed from Medium to Low after 30 minutes (for Basic Model)

Packing List


1 GEMEGA Car Air Purifier, 1 pre-installed filter, 1 car cigar socket power cable, 1 anti-sliding pad, 1 belt, 1 belt fixer, 4 screws, and 1 USB cable (free gift)


  1. big CADR (PM CADR: 23.7 m3/h; TVOC CADR: 14.7 m3/h)
  2. ozone deodorization & sterilization: bacteria killing rate 99.91%
  3. double ball-bearing motor, big airflow, and long life span
  4. good HEPA-carbon filter with excellent filtration of particles and TVOC
  5. equipped with odor sensor and particle sensor, able to detect TVOC and particles at the same time (for Smart model)

Test Reports

Test Report of Air Purifier C208
Test Report

All testing results are supported by the test reports No. KJ20171391 & No. KJ20171215 issued by Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology.


  1.  owns high CADR and relatively small size (16.8*16.8*6.4cm), elegant design
  2.  owns a negative ion generator and an ozone generator at the same time
  3. uses a double ball-bearing motor, in contrast to oil bearing motors used by most models in the market
  4. the smart model has both an odor sensor and a particle sensor, while most similar models have only one sensor
  5. many useful functions: auto power-on after 5 seconds, power-off after 2 hours without manual operation, filter replacement indicator, belt-fixable


Specifications of Car Air Purifier GEMEGA C208
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