Hi dear customers, you may have seen our logo, and be wondering what it stands for. Now, let us tell you 🙂

What does GEMEGA stand for?

What does our logo “GEMEGA”​ stand for? It consists of two parts: “GEM”​ and “MEGA”​. There is a diamond above the letter “M”​, representing our pursuit for quality and service.


Smart, Effective, Convenient and Comfy!

What do people say about our products?

customer reviews on GEMEGA air purifier
Reviews from Customers
Elegant Design of GEMEGA Air Purifier
Elegant Design

Merits and Honors

SciTech SME Award 2019
Registration No.: 201944060600005251

May 7, 2019

SciTech SME Award 2020
Registration No.: 202044060600003575

April 10, 2020

Patent of invention for an air purification device for central air conditioning
Patent No. ZL 2014 1 0784968.8

April 27, 2018

Award of High-Tech Product in Guangdong Province
Ref. No. 27420

December 2017

GEMEGA History
GEMEGA History

A new generation of car air purifier – GEMEGA C208, a one-stop solution for in-car pollution!

With the pace of industrialization and motorization, air quality problem is posing a threat, imminent or potential, to almost everyone. We are here to offer you a solution to your in-car and indoor air solution.

heavy traffic in Shanghai
We are in the Era of Vehicles

GEMEGA Car Air Purifier C208 has been in the market since the beginning of 2018. It is powerful, effective, and designed in the principle of elegant simplicity. With the merits and favorable reviews from the air purification industry and the customers, it has proven to be an effective way to reduce in-car pollution.

GEMEGA Cleantech Co., Ltd., founded in January 2015, is a science and technology enterprise of small and medium size. The company is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province (the Pearl River Delta), a key manufacturing center of China – convenient land and marine transportation, complete supply chains, highly efficient public administration, high living standards…

The founder, Ms Li Ke, a senior industrial designer, began her research in air purification in 2003. She founded You’er Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of GEMEGA) in that year, and was awarded numerous patents for her achievements in the field of air purification. With the ideas of “smart”​, “high-end”​ and “craftsmanship”​ in mind, we have been devoting ourselves to the R&D, improvement and production of various purifiers.

With rich experience accumulated over the years, we aim to offer you our best products together with our best service. Your enquiry would be highly appreciated!

On April 27, 2018, a patent of invention for an air purification device for central air conditioning was awarded to us. Patents of invention are very difficult to apply for, and it took us several years to work on this project!

Patent of Invention for GEMEGA
Patent of Invention for GEMEGA

In December 2017, our newly-developed car air purifier C208 was awarded the Certificate of High and New Technology Product in Guangdong Province.

Certificate of High-tech Product for GEMEGA
Certificate of High-tech Product for GEMEGA

In 2016, we participated in the Governor Trophy Contest in Industrial Design and obtained a merit.

Industrial Design Merit for GEMEGA
Industrial Design Merit for GEMEGA


Our 1st patent for air purification was awarded in 2003. This is how our slogan “since 2003” comes about.

Patents obtained by GEMEGA during 2003 - 2005
Patents obtained during 2003 – 2005

We never cease to research and develop new technology and products for you!