How to use GEMEGA air purifier to disinfect in the COVID-19 period

In the face of COVID-19, “Stay safe” is a universal topic.

Tutorial: How to use GEMEGA Air Purifier indoors to disinfect

Stay safe in the car

During this special time, it’s advisable to avoid crowded public transportation. With powerful purification and sterilization, we help you stay safe inside your private vehicle.

Purple mode – the air purifier is releasing ozone

Use the ozone to disinfect your car:

  1. in the evening when back from work;
  2. when a passenger gets off (especially useful for taxi & Grab drivers);
  3. when driving back from downtown.

When can I enter my car after using ozone?

Generally speaking, after half an hour, most ozone will be gone.

If you need to get in your car right after using ozone, open the doors and ventilate the car for several minutes first.

The above rules apply to indoor use of ozone as well.

Stay safe at home

Tips on using GEMEGA air purifier indoors (Revised Version)

GEMEGA C208, a new generation of car air purifier, besides using in the car, can also be used indoors to deodorize and disinfect small items and small rooms. Its bacteria killing rate is 99.91%, tested by Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology.

When back at home, put your coats, hats and shoes in a small room (toilet room, lumber room, laundry room, etc). Turn on the ozone, leave and shut the door, let the ozone release for 10 minutes. Shoe soles needs disinfecting, in particular, since you might have stepped on phlegm on the street.

You can repeat this process several times if it is a big room, or if you have a lot of things to disinfect. In the meantime, the toilet is also deodorized.

Using GEMEGA car air purifier in a storage box

You can disinfect face masks and other small items in a storage box, including: key, ring, gloves

You can put face masks and other things into a storage box, connect the machine to a power bank, turn on the ozone, cover the box, and let ozone disinfect the things inside.

Can I use an air purifier with UV to disinfect?

ultraviolet light spectrum
ultraviolet light spectrum

Technically speaking, to use UV to kill bacteria and viruses, you’ve got to expose them to UV for 30-60 minutes. However, air passes through an air purifier in less than 1 second. Obviously, UV won’t be able to do anything in such a short time.

Instead, ozone is a much better option.

Functions of ozone
Functions of ozone

Disinfectant or ozone, which is better?

Disinfectant or ozone, which is better?
Disinfectant or ozone, which is better?

If you spray disinfectant inside your car, there are chemical residues left.

After ozone (O3) disinfects, it returns to oxygen (O2). There are no chemical residues.

No chemical residue – that’s the advantage of ozone!

Please stay safe, stay connected, and most of all, stay positive! Laban Pilipinas!

To dear customers in the Philippines (1st Version)

GEMEGA – we care!

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