Use Your Car Air Purifier Properly, Stay Carefree and Comfy

The car air purifier has become a popular item, or even a necessity in a car in this Age of Vehicles. The in-car space, small and enclosed, is full of diverse materials. People inside are especially vulnerable to air pollution. So, it is necessary to have an effective air purifier in your car. Here we use GEMEGA car air purifier Model C208, as an example, to demonstrate how to install and use a car air purifier.

Online Manual in 3 Languages

Clean Your Car with Air Purifier

This air purifier is easy to control with two touch-sensor buttons.

Quick Guidance
  • left button: motor speed & on/off
  • right button: ozone (3 seconds’ touch to turn on, a normal touch to turn off); filter timer reset (5 seconds’ touch to reset to zero)


Before Use

the filter after removing its polybag

Before using the purifier for the 1st time, please remember to open the machine cover, get out the filter, and remove the packing polybag first. Otherwise, airflow and purification would be badly influenced. If you find the machine gives out very small airflow and sounds strange, most likely, you haven’t torn away the polybag yet.

filter for replacement: material and package


Features of this Air Purifier

car air purifier
green mode – a purification without noise
  • auto power-on: the machine turns on automatically 5 seconds after electricity is connected. That’s to say, it begins to work after the ignition of the engine, without giving any burden to the car accumulator.
  • touch-sensor button control:
  1. left: motor speed (short touch), power-off (long touch)
  2. right: ozone (3 seconds’ touch to turn on, and a short touch to turn off), filter timer reset (5 seconds’ touch)


Power Supply

cigar lighter cable and USB cable
equipped with 2 cables – cigar lighter and USB

While this purifier uses the standard cigar lighter socket (12V DC), a 5V-12V USB booster cable is also provided, enabling you to enjoy the convenience of USB at home or in the car. When using this USB cable, please connect it to a phone charger or a powerbank ≥ 1A, to ensure sufficient power supply for the powerful built-in 100*25mm ball-bearing motor. Insufficient power supply may cause the air purifier unable to start, or turn on and off, on and off frequently, especially in the high speed mode (red & blue mode).

  • The USB cable is intended for GEMEGA Air Purifier C208 only. Do not use it on appliances of a higher power consumption.
  • The USB cable gives an output voltage of 12V DC. Do not use it to supply power to appliances rated for 5V DC.
  • If there is an unoccupied cigaret lighter socket in your car, use it first, to avoid possible trouble with USB.



airbag position
the position of an airbag

Whenever placing a device in your car, ALWAYS keep it away from the airbag.

(1) Installation on the dashboard with an anti-slip pad

car air purifier on dashboard
installation with an anti-slip pad

IMPORTANT: Do not place this machine or any other object, e.g., mobiles, glasses, cards, in the airbag position. An airbag is able to burst out from 20 ms to 30 ms. Its impact could be very powerful.
(2) Installation with a strap

car air purifier - GEMEGA
yellow mode – medium speed, low noise and big airflow, used most often

Recommended installation position:

 (1) armrest
Fix the machine with a strap on the armrest without occupying any space on the dashboard. The armrest is usually in the central position of a car, convenient for the driver to control the purifier. And the two air outlets of the machine are facing the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat respectively – seats used most often in a car. Fixed with a strap, the purifier wouldn’t tumble off even under an intense driving situation.

belt fixation

Fasten the 4 screws with a small Phillips screwdriver.

Install the purifier on the armrest

(2) Behind the headrest – either the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat is OK.

install car air purifier
Installation on the back of the headrest


Ozone (O3)

how ozone (O3) is generated
The Generation of Ozone

The smelly ozone, an allotrope of oxygen (O2), is highly reactive. If inhaled too much, it would be harmful to human body.

The right button of this purifier is the ozone switch. After you touch it for 3 seconds, the purple light is on, and the purifier beeps for 3 seconds, which signals ozone is turned on. The purifier will release ozone for 10 minutes, and then stops automatically.

car air purifier in ozone mode
Purple mode and 3 seconds’ beeping signals the ozone mode

Why is the machine designed in such a way – touching for 3 seconds to turn on ozone? Because it prevents misoperation, especially when kids are in your car. Kids may play with everything within the reach of their hands.

The traditional purification as we know, is filtration with a filter. A filter can only filtrate air coming through it. This is a method of passive purification. In contrast, ozone, spreading around, is an active way to purify every corner inside your car. If there is stubborn odor in your vehicle, such as smoke, mould, gas, paint or pet odor, ozone is recommended. It can give your car an in-depth air treatment.

ozone generator
Ozone service is often available at a car wash shop at the charge of USD30-50. Now, with this air purifier, you can do it yourself!

You may rest assured that there is no ozone emission from this machine during normal use. The ozone generator and the negative ion generator are two different components in this purifier, controlled separately. The negative ion generator we use, is a double carbon brush generator without ozone emission.

how ozone (O3) functions

Ozone is highly reactive and is unable to exist long in the air. It reacts into oxygen (O2) very soon. Therefore, there are no chemical residuals. In contrast, if you spray deodorant or perfume in your car, you may have many unknown residuals left. So, used properly, ozone is a very effective but harmless way to deodorize and kill bacteria in your car.

When can people get in the car after using ozone? Technically speaking, after half an hour, most ozone will be gone. If you need to get in your car right away after using ozone, open the doors and ventilate the car for several minutes first.

How to use the ozone? After the engine is off, turn the car key to the ACC or ON marking WITHOUT STEPPING ON THE BRAKE PEDAL, and electricity is on in the car circuits. Turn on the ozone, close the car windows and doors, and leave your car. The purifier will release ozone for 10 minutes, and then stops automatically.

car with a key
key ignition

If your car is keyless control, press the ENGINE START button without stepping on the brake pedal. Electricity is on in your car without igniting the engine. Switch power off after ozone purification is completed.

engine start button
keyless control

Of course, most conveniently, you can use the USB cable to connect our purifier to a power bank. Then the problem of power supply is solved!

Ozone is suggested to be used in need of deodorization or sterilization. It doesn’t have to be used frequently. Besides in-car use, it can also be used in small sealed space, e.g., toilet, shoecase, cupboard, etc.

multiple uses of car air purifier
multiple uses of GEMEGA car air purifier

With best greetings from GEMEGA – Air Quality Specialist

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    1. Delivered early as sched,well packed and the box of unit still sealed,operate it in my vehicle and its operating very satisfactory,instructions are in english format and very easy to understand!


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