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Here are two reviews by our customers from JD.

Customer No.1:

Very nice purifier, suitable both for home and car use, 3-speed motor setting, with ozone sterilization. It has very practical use. Suitable for both car cigarette lighter socket and USB socket. Excellent!

Customer: f***8 (anonymous) Time: 2018-10-27 19:31:00
Video uploaded by Customer No. 1

Customer No.2:

A very good purifier, especially the function of ozone to kill bacteria. Ozone is generated very quickly. I tried it in the toilet. After 10 minutes there was no smell. The motor is powerful, gives big airflow. The purifier turns on automatically 5 seconds after the engine starts, without burden on the battery. Though some more time is needed to see the purification result, however, using it on the way, I feel in-car air is much fresher. Its sound is a bit loud, due to the powerful motor. 2 ways of power supply: cigar lighter and power bank, convenient. Strongly recommended.

Customer: 依***爸 (anonymous) Time: 2018-04-12 215030
Video uploaded by Customer No. 2

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