When shall we replace an air purifier filter?

A filter can usually last for 3-5 months. It’s not a calendar month, though. It depends on how many hours the purifier has worked. GEMEGA air purifier C208 has a filter replacement indicator. It will give a sound signal of 3 long beeps when time is up, suggesting filter replacement.

new filter vs old filter
new filter vs old filter


Press the right button for 5 seconds to reset the filter replacement timer after you install a new filter. Because ozone is also switched on in the meantime, please remember to switch it off after reset.

Besides working hours, the lifespan of a filter is greatly influenced by the air quality of its surrounding environment. So, please check the filter regularly to ensure timely replacement:

old filter covered with dust
  • Is the filter covered with dust?
  • Does the filter smell?

Replace your old filter with a new one to enjoy healthy and fresh air!

a new filter for GEMEGA car air purifier C208
a new filter for GEMEGA car air purifier C208
  • 2 filters per pack to save courier cost
  • 3-Layer Composite Filter
  • Blue Botanic Fiber + Active Carbon Particles + HEPA
  • Effective filtration of smoke, dust, pollen, particles, allergens and TVOC
  • improve air quality inside your car

GEMEGA – We care

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