Differences between Smart Model and Basic Model of GEMEGA Car Air Purifier C208

Difference between Smart Model and Basic Model of GEMEGA Purifier C208

Many customers ask about the difference between the two models. Actually it is very easy. Smart Model has two air quality sensors, so it is able to work smartly. Basic Model, without sensors, works by default.

the differences between GEMEGA air purifier Smart Model & Basic Model
model differences

In fact, being named “basic” does not mean the Basic Model is weaker in purifying or disinfecting. Instead, it offers a more cost-effective solution to in-car air quality.

Smart Model has two air quality sensors, which enables it to detect air pollution and adjust the motor speed in a realtime manner.

Smart Model has two air quality sensors

By default, the smart model is in auto mode at the time of power-on. If you change the speed manually, it will come into manual mode, and stays in manual mode until next power-on.

Basic Model, by default, runs in a default preset mode: after power-on, it runs at medium speed for 30 minutes, and then lowers to the low speed automatically. In most circumstances, after 30 minutes, the air inside the car has been improved, and the machine can run at a lower speed, to be quieter and more energy-saving.

Because the Smart Model has an odor sensor. Aroma, which may influence the sensor, is not recommended.

Aroma may influence the odor sensor.

To sum up, the smart model has 2 air quality sensors. That’s the main difference. The filtration system is the same. The both have motor, filter, negative ion generator, and ozone generator. And they are exactly the same in shape and color.

Both models are smart in these ways:

  • auto power-on
  • auto power-off
  • filter replacement indication
  • auto 10-min ozone disinfection

Both models have a manual mode, which means you can adjust the speed anytime you like. “Manual” mode overrides Preset / Smart mode. Once the machine comes into manual mode, it will remain in that mode until next time it is powered on.

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