About Filter and Accessories

functions of GEMEGA 3-layer composite filter
3-layer composite filter

This filter is a 3-layer filer: prefilter, activated carbon, HEPA. HEPA is the 3rd layer. A household air purifier can have a big HEPA filter, white and independent. But, for a car air purifier, we have to make everything small in order to be placed inside a car conveniently.

how to install GEMEGA filter
installation of the filter

When installing the filter, please kindly pay attention to the following two points:

  1. The blue side of the filter faces upwards.
  2. There is a handle on the filter. Correspondingly, there is a “FILTER HANDLE” label on the machine, which indicates the direction of the filter.

Some customers may ask: “why is the bottom side of the filter look somewhat blackish?”

That is because this filter is a 3-layer filter. The black material is activated carbon, which is the middle layer. The 3rd layer of this filter is HEPA. It consists of HEPA fibers. So, It is not a glossy sheet of paper.

Contrary to popular belief, HEPA filter does not “obstruct” pollutants. How can HEPA “obstruct” particles as tiny as PM1.0? Instead, it “traps” particles with its fibers. Therefore, fibers are vital in the filtering process.

car cigaret lighter cable and USB cable

The cigaret lighter cable is 1.5 meter long. Suitable for most users. We can replace it with a 3.5m extra long cigaret lighter cable at your option. Please leave a message with us when placing the order.

3-meter car cigaret lighter cable

USB cable is 1m long. In most cases, we do not suggest using a long cable for USB sockets, since its voltage is very low, 5V only. You can try using a PC USB extension cord to make it longer, on condition that it is able to support this powerful motor rotating at high speed (4,000 rpm at Turbo).

This product enjoys very good sales in China and abroad. You will find it very useful.

GEMEGA – We care!

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